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Address: Lycksele

Visit this cultural heritage site, an ancient spot from whence grew the bustling town of Lycksele. Located on an outcrop of land which is surrounded on three sides by the River Umeälven, Gammplatsen is a spectacular visitor destination bursting with the cultural and natural delights that are so special to Lapland.

It has been a focal point for the Sami people, pioneers and traders throughout the ages and up until the late 1700s it was an important place in the region.
Markets were held here regularly and it was also a centre for conducting important legal proceedings, such as marriages and trials. With the first church being built as early as 1607, church festivals have been key celebrations for centuries and a school for Sami boys was founded in 1632.

Today there is still much for the 21st century visitor to discover. More than 40 historical structures, including churches, traditional Sami buildings and shelters, cabins and cottages, farmsteads, collections ad exhibitions all combine to provide a detailed account of what life was like in days gone by.
In the summer you can go into the cottages, explore the shops and Sami njalla (storage huts) or take time out in the skittles alley.

For an in-depth look at forestry and a chance to find out about how it became one of the region’s most important and dynamic sectors, a visit to the Forestry Museum is a must.

Meanwhile, nature lovers beat a path to Kulturbotan, the heritage botanical garden that plays a vital role in preserving the plants that were commonly found around pioneer farmsteads, crofts and Sami settlements. It also contains pine trees that are more than 400 years old.


From June 15 - August 25 and during the Christmas season, Gammplatsen is a hive of activity. For more information visit

The area is fully accessible to wheelchair users.


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