Guided raft fishing trip

Address: Lönås 7 Adak Show map

Address: Lönås 7 Adak

Fish for trout, arctic charr or rainbow trout on a two-hour voyage by raft across Lake Laggträsket. It is normal to catch fish weighing approximately 1kg but it is not unusual to catch those tipping the scales at two kilos. The record stands at 4. kg for trout and 6kg for arctic charr.

The raft can hold up to 10 people, including your guide (at least four can fish at a time) and, with accessible to wheelchair users. There is also an outdoor toilet that is suitable for wheelchair users.

The raft is stationed at a fishing camp on the shore of Lake Laggträsket, about 20km north of Malå, between the villages of Slagnäs and Adak. A peaceful oasis of excellent pure fishing waters and opportunities to hunt in the heart of the forest, there is also a group of cabins here.

- Laggträsket is a lake with clear cold water.
• The lake covers 36 hectares and in certain places is 20m deep.
• Its clear water and excellent spawning grounds make it the perfect habitat for trout, arctic charr and whitefish.
- The lake is stocked twice a year with trout and arctic charr from local fish farms.

Guided raft fishing trip
Max 10 people per group (at least four fishing).
Duration approx. two hours.

Price per group, 1,000 SEK

Choose your date using the calendar provided and enter the number of participants - the figure one representing a group of up to10 people. When the booking is complete please telephone to advise us of your arrival time and when you wish to begin your fishing trip.

The raft can also be hired for other activities, such corporate events or friends and family gatherings.

All aboard!

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