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  • Ammarnäs two-day guided trek in Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve

Ammarnäs two-day guided trek in Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve

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A brand new opportunity to discover the majestic mountain environment of the Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve in the company of an experienced, qualified guide which includes an overnight stay in a cabin.

The trail follows the Tjulåleden path which has been specially created to take visitors on a beautiful and interesting trek through the Ammarnäs area, traversing ancient paths, used by the Sami for generations, to upland pastures where reindeer graze and passing through new fewer than three mountain birch parks.
The overnight stop is at the Aigert cabin where you can rest and recharge for the next day by fishing or swimming in the nearby lake or relaxing in the sauna and taking in the spectacular view.
The trek’s starting point is at Stor Tjulträsket, a deep mountain lake well-stocked with fish which is 8km west of Ammarnäs. It is possible to leave your car here.

Day 1. Start 10am. Trek duration, 3-4 hours. Day 2. Trek duration, 3-4 hours returning by 4pm. Please note that these times are approximate.

What’s included:
Qualified guide, sauna.

Additional costs:
Accommodation, meal (Supplies in the cabin are available for purchase).

Pack as lightly as possible but you should bring worn-in waterproof shoes or boots, rainwear, a change of clothes, extra socks, a warm jumper, bed linen, toiletries, swimming costume, mosquito repellant, suitable head covering, outdoor dinner plate/cup, small vacuum flask, knife/fork, water bottle, snacks such as nuts or dried fruit, cash, medication and any other personal items.

Previous experience:
No previous experience is necessary but you do need a basic fitness level and sturdy footwear. Medium - difficult trail ++ (the terrain will vary and there can be some demanding conditions).

Aigertstugan cabin - important information
* Accommodation is to be paid IN CASH ONLY upon arrival at the cabin. Alternatively, payment can be made in advance at www.svenskaturistforeningen.se
• STF members (Swedish Tourist Association) receive a discount. Visit the website to join up.
• Cabin rooms contain bunk beds with mattresses, blankets and pillows. Extra bedding is available for those who feel cold.
* The kitchen is fully equipped.
* There is also a shop, sauna and emergency telephone.
* Outdoor toilet available.
The Telia network is available to mobile phones users. The Aigertstugan cabin is the first of several in this section of the Royal trail that runs between Ammarnäs and Hemavan.

Required participants. Minimum: 2, maximum: 8
We reserve the right to make changes to the trek when necessary to accommodate weather considerations and group ability.

For more information contact the trek guide Ethel Åberg +46 (0)70-578 21 47, ethel.aberg@hotmail.com

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