The world's longest ropeway - Mensträsk

Address: Mensträsk , 93593 Norsjö Show map

Address: Mensträsk , 93593 Norsjö

Travel a 13.6km section of the world's longest ropeway and discover the vast expanse of the northern countryside from above. You’re guaranteed a room with view.

A trip on the ropeway has to be pre-booked and departs from Mensträsk and Örträsk one time per day during summer at 13:00. A short movie is shown in Swedish, English and German between 12:15 and 12:30 about the history of the ropeway.

The ropeway was originally constructed to transport ore from the mines in Kristineberg to the processing plants in Boliden and now provides a captivating insight into our industrial heritage.
The ore used to be transported from the mine to the processing plant and the section between the villages of Mensträsk and Örträsk has been converted to allow visitors to discover the beautiful countryside from above. As you travel in silence above the trees, it may be possible to spot wild moose or reindeer. If you take advantage of the opportunity to order food in advance, you can dine on delicious reindeer meat as you take in the magnificent surroundings.

A number of activities are now on offer in conjunction with a tour along the ropeway. At Bäckerudden, the frame house has been converted into a restaurant and pub and nearby are a number of cabins for those wanting overnight stays. You can also tuck in to delicious meals prepared using the large frying pans typical of the northern region, while seated in a large building which is constructed like a Sami tent. There is a calm, mystical atmosphere surrounding the ropeway and its industrial heritage.

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    Open during the summer, but the head frame building, restaurant and pub at Bäckerudden are open for bookings.
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