Skellefteå Museum

Address: Nordanå, 931 22 Skellefteå Date: Friday 14 dec 2018 - Monday 31 Dec 2018 Show map

Address: Nordanå, 931 22 Skellefteå

The museum introduces you to the first people to settle in the area - 8,000 years ago. It also shows how the town developed and what life was like for the farmer, the maid and the pastor's wife.

Skellefteå Museum is located in central Skellefteå, at the Nordanå cultural heritage site. Because of its responsibilities on a county level it also runs operations in Norsjö and Malå. There are three resident exhibitions:
The development of agriculture and life on the farm at the beginning of the 1900s.
Pre-historic climate, vegetation and fauna as well as the first human settlers after the ice age.
The development of the town.
Periodical exhibitions are also held throughout the year.

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15 Dec
Saturday 15 dec 2018 09:00
16 Dec
Sunday 16 dec 2018 09:00
17 Dec
Monday 17 dec 2018 09:00
18 Dec
Tuesday 18 dec 2018 09:00

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