The mill and shoes at Skråmträsk

Address: Skråmträsk 56, 93196 Skellefteå Date: Saturday 25 jun 2016 - Sunday 31 Dec 2017 Show map

Address: Skråmträsk 56, 93196 Skellefteå

On entering the shop at Skråmträsk you are immediately aware of the smell of leather and row upon row of newly-made shoes.

Skråmträskskon is a family business specialising in producing hand-made shoes from naturally tanned leather, using traditional methods to ensure a comfortable yet strong and durable item with the sole sewn directly onto the shoe. Originally making shoes and boots, the company now produces a range of eight different styles of footwear which are available through selected outlets and via the internet.
However, the real thing can be experienced when you visit the shop in Skråmträsk.
Owners, Asta and Erik are passionate about ensuring that the entire shoe-making process is as natural and environmentally friendly as possible which why they only use leather that has been tanned using traditional vegetable methods involving trees and plants.
The individual shoe styles also reflect this philosophy with each having a ‘natural’ name The shoe models are even given natural names, e.g. Gran (spruce), Tall (pine), Rönn (rowan) and Hägg (hagberry).
Asta and Erik welcome visitors to their workshop and are happy to show them around. In 2009, a café was opened in the adjacent 1940s mill, enabling you to enjoy a good cup of coffee and, perhaps, take the opportunity to buy a bag of freshly ground flour once you’ve visited Skråmtrask.

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