Torfrid Olsson Museum

Address: Bygdeträsk Burträsk Date: Monday 18 jun 2018 - Friday 31 Aug 2018 Show map

Address: Bygdeträsk Burträsk

“There are really only two great artists - Torfrid Olsson and Picasso!” Those are words of Oscar Reuterswärd, an arts professor and friend to Torfrid.

In the village of Bygdeträsk is a museum housing the works of Torfrid Olsson. From his early portraits and caricatures to many of his later works and original sculptures. Torfrid Olsson grew up in Bygdeträsk, not far from Burträsk and is known for his paintings, drawings, graphics and sculpture. Some of his work is on display in the museum, which is located beside Europe's longest birch tree avenue which runs through the beautiful landscape surrounding Lake Gölsjön. His works are displayed indoors and outdoors as are other associated artefacts, such as items of correspondence, poems, articles, literature etc. Torfrid's work is also on show at the Modern Museum and National Museum in Stockholm.
He drew inspiration for his fantasy art from the natural world and from the tools and equipment found on his farm. His work often symbolises fertility and love but also the threat and destruction from all things evil. He used a variety of techniques and materials, such as water-colours, oil and graphite for his pictures and wood and iron for his sculptures.

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