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Address: Beföringsvägen 16, 924 95 Ammarnäs Date: Friday 17 mar 2017 - Saturday 31 Mar 2018 Show map

Address: Beföringsvägen 16, 924 95 Ammarnäs

At her studio in the Vindelåforsens Stugby, Ammarnäs, Marita Norin creates pieces out of clay, firing them in the kiln at her home. These really are hand-crafted works of art.

Born in Eskilstuna in 1943, she studied art between 1962 and1965 before starting her career as a sculptor, writer and sketch artist. She has worked on several commissions for the Swedish Mint in Eskilstuna and has produced a number of public works of art.

Designs, sculptures and sketches spanning her life as an artist can now be seen in the exhibition Skulpturum.

It includes the originals of coins and medals fashioned by Marita, including the current 10 kr coin, now in use for more than 20 years and made for the Swedish Mint in 1985. 

Examples of her more modern work include Vindelälven, symbolising the free-flowing river and Pärbacksmedaljen, a tribute to the village's renowned cultivation of potatoes which has become a popular Ammarnäs souvenir. 

Kärlekens Tröskloge a former eight-sided lodge built in 1881 for barley threshing has been transformed into modern building to host conferences and exhibitions. Here is where it is possible for small groups to view a slideshow of Marita’s work.  

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