Dogsled tour with Wild Lapland - Blueberry Tour 2,5 h

Address: Karlsborg 1, 921 99 Lycksele Show map

Address: Karlsborg 1, 921 99 Lycksele

Wild Lapland is a dog sled company in Ruskträsk about 35 km north of Lycksele. At our place you can experience activities that pull you away, literally. We, Morgan, Lina and our Alaskan huskies arrange tours as soon as we have enough snow on the ground and as long as we can during the spring.

We travel through the forest on the glimmering snow and over icy lakes and rivers. We offer a familiar experience to take part in the dogs' incredibly high morale, their love of people and the joy of being out and do the best they know. Run!

Blueberry tour (ca 2,5h)
On a big wooden sled covered with reindeerskins you will sit comfortably and enjoy the tour. A guide is driving the sled and 10 to14 dogs pull you through the lapish landscape. Half-way trough the tour we will stop and make a fire in order to get some warm drinks. This tour is perfect for photographing and filming while the dogs are running. The professional guide is always nearby to answer any kind of questions.

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