Hats and toys: Awakening old memories

Address: Storgatan 103 , 93081 GLOMMERSTRÄSK Date: Friday 8 feb 2019 - Tuesday 30 Apr 2019 Show map

Address: Storgatan 103 , 93081 GLOMMERSTRÄSK

When the Klockljung family moved from Stockholm to their new home in the village of Glommersträsk a fantastic discovery awaited.

They found no fewer than 350 ladies’ hats, dating from the 1930s-1960s, all in pristine condition and all waiting to be unpacked and put on display!
The house’s former owner, milliner Jenny Petrine Stenquist, had over the years carefully wrapped every unsold hat in tissue paper and stored them in boxes up in the attic, where they remained until the Klockljung family found them.
This treasure trove proved the starting point for a hat museum which now has more than 150 hats on display.
To complement the collection the museum also has a fascinating series of his-torical ladies’ hairdressing items, such as 1940s hairpins, hair nets, rollers, electric curling irons and perm setting equipment.
Also popular is the toy collection, which started with the Klockljung family’s own toys from the 1950s but now contains items spanning the 1930s to the present day, including: Märklin train sets, dolls, teddy bears, Lego pieces and board games.

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