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Address: Granö Beckasin Lodge, Västanå 15 922 95 Granö Date: Friday 10 mar 2017 - Sunday 7 Jan 2018 Show map

Address: Granö Beckasin Lodge, Västanå 15 922 95 Granö

Grano Beckasin philosophy is that we should be able to enjoy nature but do not disturb it. Therefore, they have developed a lot of activities that take account of both man and nature. Here you can experience for yourself and improve yourself in tranquility.

Why not try one unique experience while in Lapland: Log rafting!

Rafting tours Duration: 1, 2 or 8 days. Availability: June 1 - August 31 Description: Log rafting on the Umeälven river. Build your own raft using logs and rope and then let the current of the River Umeälven take you gently downstream. Experience the natural world from a different perspective and soak up the tranquility of Europe’s last wilderness through the long days and light nights of summer. It will be a memory for life. Building your own log raft . Our guide will help you to build your own raft. It is all very simple; three layers of three metre long logs are bound together using rope. The result is a very stable raft which can easily carry 6 adults. Using paddles and poles, you will steer the raft as it floats down the river at its own pace. All you have to do is enjoy the simple connection with Mother Nature. Our rafting journeys are perfect for those seeking to experience the natural world from a different perspective. There may be a bit of hard work involved if you find you have to paddle your way out of a becalmed section of the river but otherwise you can simply relax as you and your rant drift slowly downstream through the Northern Swedish landscape. Length: 1 - 8 days. Minimum age: 3. No. of people: min 2, max 6. Equipment: Food, beverage and kitchen equipment for the activity days. Tent and sleepingbags when packages more then 1 day. Supplement: Canoe and marine engine. Language spoken: Swedish, German, English Location: Granö

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15 Dec
Friday 15 dec 2017 09:00 - 09:00
16 Dec
Saturday 16 dec 2017 09:00 - 09:00
17 Dec
Sunday 17 dec 2017 09:00 - 09:00
18 Dec
Monday 18 dec 2017 09:00 - 09:00

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