Gift voucher 1000 SKR

Date: Thursday 12 jan 2017 - Sunday 31 Dec 2017

Give away the perfect experiance - a gift voucher at Lycksele Zoo

This is the perfect gift for both adults and children. A visit in Lycksele Zoo, where you find animals from the nordic fauna.
The animals have large fences to mimic their natural environments. For example you will find wolves, musk ox, bear, European bison, wolverines, wild boar and lynx and of course also elk , deer, and reindeer. If you want you can also be present at the feeding of musk ox, predators or seal.
With this gift voucher you give away a fantastic experiance and the owner can use both at the entrance or in the souvernirshop.
When you order, it will take around 5-7 days before you will have it in your hand.
There are a servicefee of 20 SKR.

The gift voucher is a valuable document and is used as payment when you visit Lycksele Zoo. You can not trade it in and get money, and if you loose the voucher we can not replace it.
The voucher will be valid for one year.

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