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Camping | This camping you can find in the centre of Bygdsiljum. The place offers a nice view of Stora Bygdeträsket and nearby you find Siljegården, ICA as well as Westmans Café.

Gold of Lapland (Close to nature)
Medleforsvägen 2, 93145 Skellefteå  Map
Hotel | Located 2 km from the centre of Skellefteå, Medlefors Hotel & Conference is the natural choice for organisers of events of all kinds, ranging from small informal meetings to large conferences with nearly 400 delegates.

Hotel | In the heart of Norsjö you find the newly renovated Norsjö Gästgiveri. Here you find hotel rooms of good standard as well as simple hostel rooms. During your stay in our beautiful Västerbotten, you will have a great experience at Norsjö Gästgiveri!

Beföringsvägen 16, 92495 Ammarnäs
Cabins | Vindelåforsens Stugby is located in Ammarnäs at the place where Kungsleden crosses Vindelälven. If you are looking for a natural and personal accommodation, Vindelåforsens Stugby is the place for you. The place consists of two apartments, five ...

Svansele 67, 936 93 Boliden  Map
Unique accommodation | Svansele Vildmarkscenter aims to give you a real taste of adventure in the wilderness of northern Sweden but in relaxed and safe way. Our visitors are treated to unique encounters at an exhibition of wild animals from the north, a wilderness-theme...

Gold of Lapland (Skogsmiljö)
Karlsgårdsvägen 22, 922 32 Vindeln  Map
Hotel | Are you looking for a homely, calm and nice hotel? Vindelngallerian offers a relaxed and natural atmosphere, in the heart of Vindeln.

Rengård 12, 93693 Boliden  Map
Cabins | The surroundings in Rengård are inspiring and unique. The red buildings on the farmstead, so typical of Sweden, take you back in time several hundred years.

Storgatan 47, 921 32 Lycksele
Hotel | A city-center hotel just 100m from the city center. The hotel and the restaurant have been completely renovated last year.

Nalovardoskidanläggning, 92494 Sorsele  Map
Cabins | In an area of natural beauty, Nalovardo Stugby offers a combination of cabin accommodation and a ski slope. Above the tree-line, the Nalovardo summit view takes in the surrounding forested countryside bordered by the Vindelälven and Laisälven rive...

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Customer service

For questions please contact our customer service +46(0)918-142 00.

Gold of Lapland
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